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iGaming Supplier Product ReviewsProduct Supplier Reviews

The KMI contacts network includes representatives from all major product software suppliers. With analysis including the products themselves, commercials and the ability to localize, KMI can offer advice on the right products to suit a specific business strategy.


igaming international strategy

International Expansion Strategy

Emerging markets provide an enormous opportunity for businesses in our industry as domestic regions become even more competitive. With experience running businesses overseas, KMI has developed an international network of contacts to help deliver success in a number of key online gambling regulated regions, across all facets of the business. 


igaming budgetingFrom Land Based to Online

Drawing on experience from the established UK land based sector, and beyond, KMI assists businesses with their strategies to add online distribution channels to their already successful land-based operation.


Strategic Planning & Budgeting

From concept creation and analysis to delivering business profit, KMI understands what is needed to run a successful business in the online gambling sector. Regular budgeting and fast paced decision making are critical and help the successful business today adapt and react as opportunities arise.


igaming license applicationLicense Applications & Regulatory Reviews

With a Personal Management License (PML) issued by the UK Gambling Commission, and experience with applications in numerous other licensing juridictions, our team is thoroughly experienced with the application and compliance process.


live betting strategiesLive Sports Betting Strategy & Streaming

With Live betting & streaming dominating international sportsbooks, Keith McDonnell and the KM iGaming team regularly review and analyse all relevant suppliers in this exciting sector, globally.


international igaming payment solutionsInternational Payment Solutions

Viewed by many as the real industry battleground, KMI has built up an international network of contacts to draw on when advising clients on payments solutions. Contingency planning and customer choice is the only way businesses can guarantee the customer conversions needed to deliver big profits.


pari mutuel & lottery bettingPari-Mutuel & Lottery Betting

KMI can draw on 4 years of experience running Tote Direct – the international wholesale arm of the UK Tote. With an emphasis on building big pools through driving liquidity from all sources, pari-mutuel business if run well can offer an ideal compliment to traditional fixed odds pricing.


mobile bettingMobile Strategies

With an understanding that not all products are suitable for mobile, KMI has an in depth understanding of what works on mobile & tablets, how it can be delivered, the best platforms to target and associated mobile based payment options.


Risk Management & Trading

KMI can draw on experience of running a global sportsbook, with responsibility for overall profit & loss. Increasingly, automation of service is becoming more popular and full analysis of third party options and the right balance with human input is carried out on an ongoing basis.


Bodog WBA SponsorshipBusiness Development & Sponsorship

On understanding what a business is looking to achieve, KMI can assist with general business development initiatives & sponsorship to support most strategies. Experience with opening doors, a large commercial network and negotiating the finer contract details are core to this service.


igaming marketing planningMarketing Planning & Activation

With any major sponsorship deal, a detailed tactical marketing plan needs to support it to optimize customer conversion and revenues. KMI’s experience in the affiliate world, and more recently with Social media, can give the best chance of a positive ROI on marketing spend.


igaming recruitment ………. and now discreet Executive search & placement

KMisearch, a Division of the Group, offers a boutique executive placement agency in the international online betting & gaming industry.

With almost 20 years experience operating at senior management level across brands in multiple regions throughout the world, KMisearch understands exactly what the betting Operator needs and, through an extensive global network, will only deliver the ideal candidate.

Specialising in middle to senior level Management and focusing on Marketing, Business Development, General Management & Operations, kmisearch takes time to understand the real business requirement before putting suitable candidates forward.

KMisearch has established relationships with candidates throughout the industry and makes recommendations with confidence.

With a friendly, bespoke, approach and competitive rates, we are confident kmisearch can provide an excellent service to both clients and candidates alike.