KMi Gaming operates a business brokerage, building on almost 20 years of strategic and operational experience with global gambling operators, understanding what it really takes to deliver a successful strategy, and delivers targeted matches for individual requirements in the following areas:

  • Product / Software Licensing deals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investment / Fundraising
  • Marketing & sponsorship
  • Senior Executive Placement

Using industry knowledge and an extensive international network, we will take time to understand your objectives (and occasionally challenge them) before discussing an appropriate commercial model. Each deal can be different and, as such, we operate a flexible pricing policy to, most accurately, reflect the nature of each.

keithOnce engaged, we will deliver a targeted set of options, along with strategic rationale, to assist with the decision making process. If required, we will be on hand to assist with the on boarding process, using practical & extensive operational experience within the international online gambling sector.