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International Gaming and Betting Consultancy

KM I-Gaming Consultancy Limited (KMIC) was formed by Keith McDonnell following a period of sustained growth and constant change in the booming global online betting and gaming sector.


Keith holds a Personal Management License (PML) issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

iGaming Consultancy

  • Assistance with start-ups & business launches
  • Contracts and negotiation
  • International Expansion Strategy
  • License applications
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Live sports betting strategy & streaming
  • International payment solutions
  • Pari-mutuel & lottery betting
  • Mobile strategies & implementation
  • Business Development & Sponsorship
  • and much more ……….. 


Your Guide to iGaming

Drawing on experience across different Operators, Suppliers and Global Regions, KMIC offers services for individuals and businesses in the online betting & gaming sector:

> Help Investors with start ups
> Advice on international expansion & Payments
> Develop detailed strategic & marketing plans
> Business Development & Sponsorships

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